Oliver Mertz believes comics can change the world, along with public diplomacy, excellent video production, graphic design, DC post-punk music, and all the humor (as long as it’s his, and you’re laughing at it). Depending on the hour of the day, he is a comic book writer for the hit indie comic First Law of Mad Science and New York Times bestselling anthology series FUBAR, a creative in public diplomacy, a self-trained troubadour, or a freelance video producer and designer for non-profits, arts organizations, and dance company Heart Stück Bernie. His work has sent him on globe-trotting projects focused on international education, women’s empowerment, and human rights. He is currently addressing 45’s America as a community organizer with 120 Project. He lives in Takoma Park, MD with his modern dance teaching artist wife, a television shamelessly placed over the fireplace, and lots of construction paper things.